What Oxtails Can Do for Your Health? Find Out

Feb 21, 2024 By Nancy Miller

The term "oxtail" typically denotes the apex of a bovine animal. It finds application in various culinary traditions, including those of China and Jamaica. Beef oxtails are commonly used in soups and stews because of the flavorful lard, cartilage, and bone marrow they contain. Meat gains considerable tenderness as a consequence of prolonged exposure to moist heating.

Healthy Fats in Oxtail

Due to its significant monounsaturated fat content, oxtail presents itself as a more healthful alternative in terms of lipid intake. Monounsaturated fats improve cardiac health, specifically through their contribution to reducing harmful cholesterol levels. These dietary fats provide nourishment and support for cellular proliferation throughout the body. Air fryer oxtails are a good source of these nutrients because they have 35 grams of fat, 59% of the RDA. Eating oxtail in a balanced diet may boost heart health and minimize cardiovascular disease risk.

Mineral Content

Air fryer oxtails are a mineral dynamo, supplying significant quantities of iron, zinc, selenium, and phosphorus. Every individual among these is essential to our health. Zn enhances the immune system, and iron makes red blood cells. Phosphorus and selenium combat oxidative stress. Some oxtail minerals are Citations: 13.64 mg zinc (124% DV), 17.42 mg calcium (1% DV), 0.20 mg copper (22% DV), 4.89 mg iron, etc. Immunity and bone health depend on minerals like these.


B vitamins, essential for numerous bodily processes, are abundant in oxtail. Critical for nerve health, DNA synthesis, and red blood cell production, vitamin B12 provides a 70% RDA contribution. The RDA for niacin (B3), which aids digestion and energy production, is 23%. The B vitamins support several physiological systems, including metabolism and mental health. Oxtail easily meets the recommended daily requirement for vitamin B with 3.15 milligrams of niacin and 2.8 micrograms of vitamin B12 per serving, boosting energy and well-being.

Salt Content

Common in numerous dishes, beef oxtails frequently contain excessive sodium. This is often the result of seasonings and spices that are applied to improve the recipe's taste. Hypertension can result from excessive sodium intake, which, if not properly managed, can cause complications related to the heart. To preserve a healthy balance, it is prudent to couple oxtail with low-sodium foods. Hypertension, which is intricately linked to excessive sodium consumption, affected nearly half of American adults, according to the American Heart Association in 2018. Integrating low-sodium vegetables or grains into one's diet may assist in alleviating the associated hazards. A 2020 study demonstrated, for instance, that a daily sodium intake reduction of up to 10% is possible when one high-sodium side dish is substituted with a low-sodium alternative.


Like other meat products, air fryer oxtails are particularly high in cholesterol. While optimal bodily functioning does require cholesterol, an excess can be detrimental and may result in cardiovascular disease. Food cholesterol affects people differently. Therefore, it's crucial to monitor your body. 12% of persons over 20 had high cholesterol in 2019, a condition closely connected to diet. Individualized diets are important because a 2021 study found that the body's cholesterol response is personal.

High-Calorie Content

Each 100 grams of baked oxtails contains 250–300 calories. It's high in nutrients, so that it might fit into a balanced diet, but calorie watchers should monitor portion amounts. Moderation is everything. A significant portion of the daily calorie requirement for an average adult, which varies by gender and activity level, can be satisfied by a serving of oxtail. Consequently, portion control must be exercised carefully when incorporating it into one's diet to not surpass daily calorie objectives. As a result of its high caloric content, oxtail highlights the significance of moderation and equilibrium in dietary planning.

Source of Protein

Due to its high protein content, oxtail is an exceptionally noteworthy meat substitute that is both nourishing and robust. Protein content: 100 grams of cooked oxtail contains approximately 30 grams by weight. The daily requirements are fulfilled to an approximate degree of 60%. Protein is essential for hormone synthesis, immune system support, muscle repair, and its fundamental function in muscle development.

Contributing significantly to the daily protein requirement of adults, which is approximately 50 grams on average, can be accomplished by incorporating beef oxtails into one's diet. Numerous studies have underpinned the importance of integrating protein into our dietary regimen. On the significance of proteins in multiple physiological processes, including metabolism and immune response, as well as their effect on muscle health, for instance, research conducted in 2020 shed light on these ideas.

Collagen in Oxtail

Oxtail has an abundance of collagen and is a common meat. This protein functions as a structural framework throughout the body, from the joints and skeleton to the epidermis and hair. Collagen-gelatin is converted to gelatin when baked oxtails are reduced to a gentle simmer, enhancing the flavor and imparting health benefits.

As a result of its numerous studies and cultural references endorsing its contribution to health and beauty, the market for collagen supplements is projected to expand and reach billions of dollars in the coming years. Nevertheless, natural sources of collagen, including oxtail, provide a palatable and nutritionally beneficial formulation. In addition, through the slow cooking process, which converts tough fibers into tender morsels, the nutrients become more readily accessible.

The culinary value of beef oxtails is well-established in areas such as the Caribbean, Africa, and Asia, where all animal parts have historically been utilized. Gourmet restaurants are currently observing a surge in popularity as they incorporate oxtail into their menus. The health benefits of oxtail collagen, which transcend its delectable taste, encompass joint protection and enhanced skin elasticity, as evidenced by research, including a 2019 study that emphasized the positive effects of dietary collagen on skin health.

Improves Nutrient Uptake

The cooking procedure converts the oxtail collagen into gelatin, providing additional health benefits beyond flavor. The gelatin is vital in maintaining digestive health by improving the body's nutrient absorption efficiency. It is believed that gelatin can aid in lining repair of the digestive tract, resulting in a healthier intestine. An optimal digestive system is critical for the efficient breakdown of food, which enables the body to absorb the necessary vitamins and minerals for optimal functioning.

Considering the correlation between gastrointestinal health, mental health, and immunity, beef oxtails gelatin may be a beneficial supplement to a diet that prioritizes digestion and nourishment. At a time when many individuals are seeking natural health benefits, consuming bone broths and gelatin-rich foods such as oxtail provides a time-tested method for promoting nutrient absorption and digestive health.